Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Tuesday...

Today was a much better day..... nothing chewed by the animals in my house.  Well, except for the avocado pit I found in the master bedroom.  We have an avocado tree in the front yard and the people in our house never get any of the very few avocados that the tree manages to grow.  The animals in the family and the neighborhood critters always seem to reach them first.  If it's not the squirrels, it could be the raccoons and finally, the ones that make it to the ground, are eaten by one of our dogs.  So when today I found yet another pit inside, I went outside and picked all the avocados I could reach without climbing on the roof.  It helped that we have this long tool with a basket on the end made for picking fruits.  In a few days when the avocados ripen up and are ready to eat, all the people will be very happy. :)

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