Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Decor Day

Today is (still, I am not finished, just having some lunch) Christmas decoration day. Usually we have everything up the day after Thanksgiving. Somehow that did not happen this year. So today, after I got to spend a few hours at the salon. I had my hair color enhanced and blown out, had a eyebrow and lip maintenance and got my hands dipped in wax. The wax on the hands was WONDERFUL! It smelled like yummy fruit and felt even better. I think may have to do that every time I go to get hair maintenance.

We always decorate our whole house for the holidays. We have ended up with 7 trees altogether. Two big ones, one in the pub (the entrance area to our house) and one in the den. There are also 5 other trees in varying sizes and incarnations. I am working on fluffing the trees now, then I will start the decorating of the trees. I have to get back to work or else I will never finish. Plus, the decor must be done this weekend. We are hosting my faculty holiday party on the 19th. All the teachers will be here after we wrap up the last day of school before our 3 week holiday vacation. But, no pressure! Really it's not we love to entertain.


Eliana said...

Would like to see your Christmas decoration…. have also completed mine through ornaments got through Home Depot.

Perky Nihilist said...

Seven trees! Wow. I struggled to get one up :-)

I bet your house is gorgeous.

Denise said...

I havent seen you post in awhile...hope everything is ok. I bet your just busy getting ready for Christmas. When you get a chance stop by my blog....I gave you an award.