Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm still here...

I know I have not posted in a while, life has been busy, busy, busy.
We finally got most of our christmas shopping done all today. The mall was a bad idea, but we found a parking spot right away and didn't have to wait long in any of the lines. I need to go to Target on Monday morning for a few last minute things. I still need to get some long underwear for our trip to Washington D.C. the day after christmas. I understand that there will be no snow and it will be in the 40's when we are there. But I, alas a California girl, will still be freezing. I am cold now, with the cold we have been having here. Well I guess I will just have to survive.
We hosted my school holiday party last night and it was great! We must have had 50 people comming and going starting at 3 in the afternoon. The social comittee, which includes me, made several kinds of pasta with meatballs, marinara, garlic and oil, and a cream (butter)sauce that I made with capers, garlic and lemon. We also had garlic bread and a great ceasar salad with dressing made from scratch. All the other teachers brought either appetizers or desserts, it was fantastic. One of the administrarive assistants brought her karoke machine and a great time was had by all. Someone asked me if I would host the party next year and my husband and I will more than likely do so.
I wish I had pictures, but I was so busy running around makeing sure everyone was happy I did not take any. Maybe someone else did and I can post some later.

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