Saturday, August 6, 2011


We are finally finished with our summer project for this year.  We added a bigger window to our living room and painted the entire room (it's HUGE) with more than one color, 3 to be exact.  It turned out really nice. 

I also just finished 3 days of training for our new reading program, California Treasures.  It was a bit overwhelming, but we had great presenters and it was informative and helpful.  Now I think I will be able to start the new school year with those kinder kids with confidence that they will learn from my teaching.  

It will be a very busy weekend.  We have a dinner to go to tonight for a while and then a dinner we have to prepare for 24 people tomorrow.  The nice thing about the one we have to prepare is that it is at the beach.  So we will have a beautiful day tomorrow for some tri-tip and chicken barbecue. 

For today though, we will go to the Rise n' Shine for some coffee and breakfast with some friends.  Then  I will spend time in the sewing room.  My favorite thing to do.  The laundry will also get some attention.  

Pictures will post later, time for some biscuits and gravy.....

I know the pictures are out-of-order, but alas, I am still new to the art of arrangement of stuff on blogs......Happy Saturday.
Old ugly finish.
New window almost finished along with the new wall

Some of the debris
Highest corner to reach
Tim working on the inside of niches
Me up on the high ladder, mudding the wall
Wall being rebuilt.
My favorite area, the bar.  I loved how the red color turned out.
New nicer finish, before paint.     

Before adding wall adornments.

Before painting.

View from the office.

Finishing the window.

New finish.

My hard-working son.

Before adding the red paint.

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My SongBook said...

Wow! Looks like a lot of work! Good luck, and I hope someone is bringing you food! (I hate cooking when we do projects).