Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bad Crock Pot Meal!

What's up with that!!! Have you ever heard of a bad meal in the crock pot? Well I made one today. I tried to take a shortcut to making my pulled beef sandwich meat, but sadly, ended up with a 3 pound piece of boiled leather. I did the usual with the condiments, 1 package of onion soup mix, one cup ketchup, one half cup brown sugar and one quarter cup of apple cider vinegar. EXCEPT that instead of 8 hours on low, I used 4 hours on high. So there you have it.... I can't even cut it up for my dogs its so tough. I wasted that nice pot roast for nothing. Well I guess you live and learn.
Moral of this story..... Plan ahead and don't rush the pot roast.

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Denise said...

Well I guess Im not coming to your house for dinner, lol. I have burned things in a crockpot but in my defense the crockpot was broke and only cooked on super-high. So did you order pizza or have some yummy enchilada leftovers??