Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Night

Today is the worst day for work. We only have today, Tuesday and half a day on Wednesday. The kids are crazy for the great Thanksgiving vacation. Normally we do a "feast". All of the second grade classes send out notices to the parents asking them to bring in a dish from their culture or a favorite dish of the students' and we lay out about 40 feet worth of tables and have ourselves a spread. At first, it seems there will not be enough food, but it all comes out like crazy once the feast gets started. We have so much food that we feed all 100 kids, the assorted parents that stay, the younger siblings, all the second grade teachers AND all the other teachers that come by to "look". We even have left over food. Unfortunately, this year we have been extra busy, and we have two new second grade magnet teachers, we did not want to overwhelm them. We like them and we want them to stay.... But the gig is on for next year. We have already discussed it, we will also include the 3rd grade magnet classes. We are all in the same general area, class wise. For this year we will just bring in special cookies for desert after lunch. Maybe something turkey or cornucopia shaped. The kids will love the extra sugar...And the best part is that they get to go home early. YEAH!!!

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Denise said...

Thats sounds like so much fun, and so much food! And Im have over 100 kids in one grade??? Our township school currently has 98 students in grades K-8. I guess you can tell we live in the boonies, lol.