Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My house is flooding...

Well only part of my den is flooded. We had this problem when we had the "el nino" rain about 4 years ago. The problem is that the den used to be a garage a million years ago and the people that owned the house before us added so much to the house that the garage became living space. I love the 3400 square feet of our house all on one floor the best, but..... The den floods when we get really heavy rains. My husband put a sump pump out there a few years ago, and it has been working great. Today however, while I was out and only the boys were home, nobody bothered to check on the pump, in case the gutters were clogged with leaves and such. So the pump couldn't pump fast enough and the den flooded. So now my plans for tonight have changed, I was going to go to a basketball game, but since I can trust none of my children to check on the pump I will stay and do it myself. My dear husband has to work late tonight, so the burden does not fall on him. His turn was during the rain last night. I have spent the last hour and a half, sucking out the water with our carpet cleaner. I have to say it works quite well at sucking water from the rug. I filled the dirty water container on it already once, dumped it out then filled about a quarter more of it. I am tired of the noise and will go back later and vacuum some more. Now it is dinner time.

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