Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Finally a picture...

So I finally added a picture to my blog of myself. For so long I was so heavy that all the pictures of me were awful. This year when they took the pictures of the kids, they also take pictures of the teachers for our ID card and such. this year my picture came out pretty well. I got the pictures back and did not recognize the person in the picture. I just about cried... I know lame, huh? I have not looked decent in ages. The big picture is of me and the preschool teacher on the last day of school this year in June 2008. The other picture is of me on picture day September 2007. I have to say I do look different.

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Denise said...

Laura you look are doing great. Im going to use your picture as inspiration to start counting points again. Thank you!!

Keep up the great work! It is really paying off.