Saturday, November 22, 2008

Baseball is over...

Today was #2 son's last fall ball game. He did well, he pitched a couple of innings, batted some and walked once. It's sort of sad. We have been going for about 2 months every Saturday and Sunday spending a couple of hours at the park with some good baseball. I will miss it. Now he will be starting practice at school for basketball.
Number 1 son is playing Lacrosse and since it is out of season, he is on a club team. The beauty of this club team is that it is made up only of the kids from his school and they all are on the regular school team. So they get to work together all year long. Last Sunday we spent a beautiful day in the town of Thousand Oaks for some good lacrosse action. He is one of the goalies on the varsity team. He is getting good at blocking those shots. I am proud of them both.

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